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Finally, a Step-By-Step “How-To” Guide that will help you EASILY

“Write Your Personal Statement — Even If Your Life Doesn’t Include Exciting Details Like Opening a Blood Bank, Curing Cancer or Winning the Olympics!”

Over 7,000 applicants have used this Simple Step-By-Step, “How To” Guide that Makes it a Snap to Write a Compelling Personal Statement For Medical School, Dental School, Pharmacy School and other Allied Health Applications.

WARNING! DO NOT BUY THIS if you are applying to a general Graduate School program. This 7-step guide is EXCLUSIVELY for pre-meds, pre-dents, pharmacy, veterinary and other health profession applicants!

If you’re thinking…Can It Really Be This Easy to Create A Lasting Impression on Admissions Committees in a one-page essay?How can I truly create an impression that goes far beyond “Why I Want to be A Doctor” and sparks a Personal Connection that makes Admissions Officers connect with ME personally? How can I really make Admissions Officers want ME for their Medical School?

The Answer to each of the above questions is “THERE IS A CLEAR, EASY WAY”! If you want to…

…Eliminate all the frustration that comes from staring at a blank word processing screen, wondering “What does the Admissions Committee want to hear?”

And know without a shadow of a doubt that YOU are Persuading Medical Schools to choose YOU over other applicants!

then this is the most important letter you’ll ever read!

Dear Pre-Health Student:

When applying to any health professions school, you have a ton of questions to answer, including:

  1. Which universities should you apply to?
  2. How should you prepare for the standardized tests?
  3. How can you solicit strong letters of recommendation from influential people who know you?
  4. And more!

But, by far the most important and most difficult task to accomplish is writing a powerful, compelling and persuasive personal statement.

After all, you already know that most personal statements are cheesy and filled with “I want to be a doctor/dentist/etc. because I want to help people,” as well as a descriptions of “me too” activities that you have done because you “thought” allied health schools wanted them.

Nothing is more boring to admissions committees than reading a generic personal statement, filled with over-tired descriptions of the same three extra curricular experiences that everyone you know has ALSO done, or puffed up with sappy hope-filled generalities like, “Because my [plug in relative here] was [plug in illness here], I am motivated to [plug in variation of “save the world” here]. Ugh!

What makes writing your personal statement so hard is that it is so difficult to stand out from the crowd, get the attention of admissions committee members and really drive home your personal and powerful motives to become an allied health professional. After all, you’re not John Steinbeck, Tom Clancy or John Grisham.

How do you tell your story so that you don’t bore your reader? Or yourself? How do you structure your personal statement so that admissions committees are sucked in to your story, and they want to read every word of your essay?

Ultimately, your goal is to impress admissions committees with your passion, and win over their hearts so they will vote for you to get accepted, go to school and become an allied health professional!

What differentiates you to the Committee (and usually determines whether or not you get in!) is your personal statement. It’s almost always the most crucial element of your application package.

Why is your Personal Statement so important to your application package?

Thousands of other applicants share your GPA and extracurricular experiences. Your Personal Statement is the one element that sets you apart from the “me too!” competition and opens the door to your successful application.

Since you KNOW that your Personal Statement can literally determine how you spend the rest of your life, no wonder it scares the heck out of you to sit down and try to write it!

But I have some important news for you …

The news is that you are NOT alone.

One of the top fears of pre-health applicants like you is not having any strong points in your application.

You can imagine how many times I’ve heard students say, “I’m just an ordinary student. There’s nothing that I have done that really stands out. Am I screwed?”

My answer to those students – and to YOU as well! – is “NO!”

You see, here’s the thing… You don’t have to be just an “ordinary student!” Admissions Committees really want you to “toot your own horn,” so go ahead and brag about those things in your life that you HAVE accomplished!

You can become an EXTRAORDINARY student by crafting your Personal Statement in a way that sets you out from the crowd!


And this is a BIIIIGGGG “But” –

How do you do this?

You most likely won’t get into a school of your choice only because of your good grades and good looks. You’ll need to stand out from the crowd if you really want to get into your top-choice school.

You have only one shot at standing out.

Where you stand out is in your Personal Statement.

Did you know that you will get noticed — even accepted! — because of something an Admissions Committee sees in your application that creates a powerful relationshipbetween you and the school?

There’s one fact that is true for every single applicant:

Your relationship with any medical school or allied health school is dramatically influenced by your Personal Statement.

You have less than 30 seconds to create your FIRST IMPRESSION!

It’s imperative that your essay really STANDS OUT and demonstrates who you are and what you stand for…

Once your essay shows the reader who you are and what you stand for, it then needs to persuade the Admissions Committee to invite you to an interview which leads to your acceptance!

Are you starting to get excited yet?

Do you want to experience this for yourself?

Don OsborneHi. My name is Don Osborne. Not that long ago, I was just like you … struggling to find a really useful guide to help me work on my applications.

I worked with a major test prep company for over 10 years, working with thousands of pre-meds, pre-dents and other allied health applicants to help them improve their test scores and essay content.

One thing I consistently found is that students who were applying to health programs were looking for specific help with their application.

Over and over again, you may have found books that were great resources — but only if you had won the Olympics, cured cancer, or already established your own blood bank.

Plus, if you’re like most students, you were probably frustrated because so many books included only one short chapter of very general instructions, with no meaningful, specific guidance on how to craft a winning personal statement.

You want something that tells you EXACTLY how to write a winning personal statement step-by-step. And you want to know how to write the beginning, middle and the end to highly impact admissions committees and persuade them to want YOU.

You are looking for a step-by-step guide that would really help you, PLUS example personal statements by applicants who were a lot like you and who had achieved your dream of getting into the school of their choice!

As I’m sure you’ll agree, life would be SO MUCH easier if you could just find a resource that could do all this!

Trouble is, there is no such resource — until now!

Knowing how hard that experience was, I wanted to make it MUCH easier for you and everyone else who faced that same daunting task.

So, I created “Personal Statement Secrets” to help you have a MUCH easier time writing your best possible personal statement so your application will truly stand out from the crowd AND make sure that YOU would get into whatever school you choose!

Why Admissions Committees Ignore Some Applicants, but are Powerfully Attracted to Others

You probably haven’t volunteered in a 3rd world country or published research papers or saved someone’s life. So reading sample Personal Statements of super-hero applicants won’t be that useful to you.

Wouldn’t it be nice to read essays from non-super hero applicants? From people who thought of themselves as “just ordinary students”?

That’s exactly what you’ll find in “Personal Statement Secrets”.

The reality is that an allied health school won’t reject your application simply because of a bad grade or bad test scores.

BUT — they will reject your application if that is ALL there is in your application to see!

You MUST sell yourself in a way that is highly impactful, persuasive and compelling. Essays of successful candidates use “high-impact” language that is concrete, powerful and persuasive. Your Personal Statement must also include this “high-impact” language.

But, how do you know what “high-impact” language to use?

That’s where “Personal Statement Secrets” can help!


Personal Statement Secrets includes:

Screen Shot SampleScreen Shot 2
  1. 20 medical school personal statements
  2. 10 dental school personal statements
  3. 5 pharmacy school personal statements
  4. 2 veterinary school personal statements
  5. Outlines for your personal statement to jumpstart the process
  6. 27 templates to help you build your work piece by piece
  7. Essays for people with a research background
  8. Essays from non-traditional students
  9. Tutorial on your Persuasion Platform. How to take your experiences and make them sound amazing! Instructions on how to write persuasively, so that you will stand out from the crowd

Competing Courses run $97, $200 and more. And one-on-one consulting starts at $200 and is generally much higher.

But Personal Statement Secrets costs only $67 $47, if you act now.

Here’s a “spy video” all about Personal Statement Secrets, so you can take a look inside for yourself. Watch this now!

Case Studies from my clients

Not too long ago I was working with two clients. Let’s just call them Mary and John (I wouldn’t want to embarrass anyone!).

Mary had a decent application — with an OK gpa, an mcat of 30, and a verbal of 8. She was worried about her verbal, much like many other students and potentially even you.

With Mary, I pointed out that with a little work, she could make ‘lemonade out of lemons.’ What I mean by this is that she has a chance to overcome her not-so-great verbal score with her Personal Statement.

In Mary’s Personal Statement, she discussed her experiences. I helped her to brainstorm how she could take her experiences and turn them into something awesome. “We need something to help you shine, so medical schools will focus less on your verbal score, and more on you!” I said.

Let me tell you a little more about Mary so you can better understand what she did to make her experiences stand out…

Mary’s Story

Mary had spent time in Honduras doing international service work with the Global Brigades Organization. (I’m one of the original Founders of Global Brigades and many of my students find that being a part of Global Brigades can REALLY give them something to talk about in their Personal Statement.)

Mary led a group through Global Brigades. In her Personal Statement, this now gives her the right to claim that she’s a “leader of a group doing international social responsibility work.” Talk about a powerful statement!

But it gets better still…

Mary went on to start a club at her school that was part of Global Brigades. This means that she added value to the campus. Another “golden nugget” she can add to her Personal Statement, right? Can you see why medical schools would be attracted to her leadership?

So that’s what we focused on.

Most students would simply write a laundry list of these activities, which might sound like: “I started an awesome club on campus and 50 students and I went down to Honduras and helped poor people with healthcare. I’m a leader and an innovator and I really liked the feeling I got from helping poor people.”

But that doesn’t usually guarantee that the committee will notice you! You need to stand out from the crowd! You need to flaunt your accomplishments in a way that medical schools will respond to — humbly, and from the point-of-view of inspiration and serving others.

Mary integrated her qualifications into her experiences in a very humble way, like this:

“As founder of the Global Brigades at xyz university, I was humbled and inspired when over 50 fellow students volunteered to help work with native peoples in the rural village of Honduras. Working together with local community leaders and doctors from all over the world, the students examined and treated over 3,500 patients in only six days.

“This project has been hugely impactful on my life and helped me to see the larger picture of what becoming a physician could really mean in terms of making substantial impact on the quality of life for so many.

“Presently, my goal is to develop a strong club leadership team so that when I leave xyz university, the program will live on.”

Can you see the difference between Mary’s Personal Statement and the ordinary student’s?

You need to do the same thing with YOUR Personal Statement!

You will WOW Admissions committees with your inspiration and passion in an amazing statement.

You will BORE them when you portray your accomplishments as routine and ordinary

Now let’s take a look at John…

John’s Story

In contrast, John had a higher GPA than Mary — 3.7 and MCAT of 33. John wanted to focus on his ‘love of science’ and how good he is at science. He felt that “medicine is about the science,” and wasn’t terribly interested in talking about specific instances of working with patients. “Sounds cheesy to me,” he said.

But most students interested in medicine are in it because of a love of science. So if John did nothing more than focus on the science, how would he differentiate himself to the committee?

Here’s what John wanted to say in his Personal Statement…

“Medicine will allow me to combine my love of science with my desire to aid humanity. I hope one day to use my scientific research skills that I’ve learned to make major breakthroughs in medicine. While I think it’s unlikely that I will ‘cure cancer,’ I do hope to make a big contribution to medical science. In this way, I will be helping people.”

Can you see the major flawin John’s essay? He writes from a very general — almost generic — perspective. There’s nothing “unique” about John there! He doesn’t stand out from the crowd at all!

So, how can John differentiate himself from the crowd and get the attention of the committee?

I spent some time with John and dug deeper into his motivation toward medicine. Some of John’s family members had a “scare” around being exposed to HIV, and that was what motivated him. Wouldn’t you be scared too?

I invited him to come from a more personal perspective. After a couple of rounds of edits, here’s what we came up with:

“The research work I did in Dr. Graves’ virus lab was so compelling to me that I am committed to doing much more substantial work in this area — especially around viruses that attack the auto-immune system.

“From what I have learned — and the clinical work I have been privileged to share with Dr. Graves — I believe that it will be possible one day to eliminate viruses — like HIV, and others. Contracting these viruses doesn’t have to be a death sentence anymore.”

What Makes Mary Stronger Than John?

Look back at the first version of the statement that John had written. Do you see what’s wrong with it?

First, it’s generic – anyone can say this; second, it does very little to show how his present experiences relate to his commitment to medicine; and third, after reading it, you don’t feel anything about John as a person from his writing. His bland statement won’t stand out to make a positive impression on his reader.

While John talks about his love for science, but the committee will surely realize that anyone applying to medical school probably has some kind of ‘warm and fuzzy’ relationship with science. Otherwise, why commit your life to medicine?

John’s original statement doesn’t make any effort to connect his experiences to his career plans. His research skills might help him with the committee — but that’s only if they read long enough to realize that these skills are there at all! The committee needs to have a grasp of John as a human being.

What’s missing from John’s original Personal Statement is the sense of who John is.

You don’t want to leave the committee asking, “so what?” feeling sad because they don’t know anything more about you after reading your essay than they had before.

In contrast, Mary seems much more genuine. You get a strong sense that there’s a real person behind the essay, a personality, someone who has a real desire to contribute to others.

When you use the training guides and see the example essays in “Personal Statement Secrets” to craft your own Personal Statement, You will know precisely how to:

  1. Elevate your ordinary experiences to the extraordinary experience that medical schools expect in your Personal Statement
  2. Write highly-engaging stories that will make admissions committees sit up and say, “Wow I really like this! I’ve got to recommend this person for admission!”
  3. Leverage your Persuasion Platform to convince medical schools why you are the candidate they should interview
  4. Express yourself with authenticity and transparency so that medical schools get a true sense of who you are; they learn about the person behind the essay

The Secret Reason Admissions Committees Will Never Tell You About Why They Don’t Want You

Get ready … because I’m about to tell you a massive secret, that will make you say, “I don’t believe it!”

What one thing can keep you from getting into medical school or any other allied health school?

The one thing that can keep you from getting into medical school, dental school, pharmacy school, or any other allied health school (and you probably already feel this even if you haven’t consciously admitted it) is…

Your Personal Statement is boring!

That’s right! The secret to getting into any allied health school doesn’t lie in how significant your experiences are at all!

Heck — look back at Mary and John above. Did they have “significant experiences” that were all that great? NO!

What they did have, though was an ENGAGING and CAPTIVATING story to convey the experiences that they had!

And that’s the KEY to getting into any allied health school!

Show that your experiences are significant to YOU and you’re in!

Show that your experiences are INTERESTING, ENGAGING and CAPTIVATING, and the committee will favorably view your Personal Statement with a recommendation for an interview every time!

In other words, here’s the bottom line…

How you express yourself is THE KEY to standing out as an applicant to medical school. And there’s no better place for you to STAND OUT than in your Personal Statement.

Can you make a boring experience come to life, add some fire, some passion to the experience so that medical schools can see just how committed you are to medicine?

If you can do that, then even something as insignificant (to you) as your photography or other hobby will make a big difference in how interesting you are to admissions committees.

As far as medical schools are concerned:

You Are What You Passionately Stand For

What Can You Do about It?

OK, fine. You get it by now. You know that a passionate and persuasive personal statement is the best way to stand out to admissions committees as the most qualified applicant among many. But what can you do NOW to begin the process?

Well, you have a few options…

You can go it alone. Sit at your keyboard tonight by yourself and peck away until your essay seems “good enough” to please the admissions board. Rely on ordinary format, bland story telling and plain language to create a forgettable statement.

OR, you can let Personal Statement Secrets guide you through the writing process by modeling your work after successful Personal Statements. Use our simple templates and outstanding sample essays to craft an extraordinary statement that will eliminate stressful guesswork and impress the admissions board.


What About Older Premeds … aka the non-traditional student?

“Personal Statement Secrets” doesn’t ignore the non-traditional student. Far from it — your life experience as a non-traditional applicant is highly prized by medical schools, and Personal Statement Secrets shows you how to put it to work to your best advantage.