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I got your membership request, and you’re just one step away from completing your registration at Personal Statement Secrets. The last thing you need to do before you access your personal statements, templates and videos is to quickly confirm that you are who you are.

I juDon Osbornest sent you two emails. The first one is your username and password, so you have that just in case.

The second email is the super important one. The subject line is “[PSS] Confirm Your Subscription and Membership …”

You Have To Go Find This Email Now!

You MUST find this email and you MUST click the confirmation link in order to access all the Free Goodies at Personal Statement Secrets. You’ll also get immediate access to the PSS Premium Membership for only $9, a $58 discount!

But you MUST click the confirmation link in the email to get the $58 discount!

Confirming your membership will help me make sure you REALLY want to be a member. Simply open the email and click the confirmation link and you’ll have access to all of the Member benefits, along with the one-time-only $58 discount.


— Don Osborne / Personal Statement Secrets


Go and find the email that looks like this: