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“Struggling Pre-Med Student Stuns Friends

and Family by Overcoming a 2.75 GPA

and 24 MCAT to Beat Out 4,131 Other

High-Quality Applicants To Earn

Acceptance to A Top Medical School…”

What If You Could Learn The Success Secrets Of:

  • A Student Whose Advisors Said He Was “Doomed,” But Who Got Accepted Anyway
  • A Student Who Got Rejected Twice, But Got Into Northwestern University on his 3rd Attempt…
  • An “Impossible” Student With an F in Biology and A Terrible MCAT…Yet Got Accepted By SEVEN Top Medical Schools?

Dear Future Doctor,

(Think carefully as you answer) …

  • Have you ever felt scared that you didn’t have the grades to get into medical school?
  • Have you ever asked about weaknesses in your application, and just been told, “you’re fine, just keep going”
  • Have you ever felt blown off by your advisors or professors?
  • Have you asked specific questions about admissions, only to get a generic answer that makes you feel like the person has no idea what they are talking about?
  • Have you ever been confused about what you need to focus on to become “an ideal candidate”?
  • Have you ever wondered “what does it really take”? What about having “black marks” such as low GPAs and below-average MCAT scores that might destroy your chances?

If you’ve answered “YES” to any of these questions, then this may be one of the most important letters you’ll ever read for medical school admissions.

My Dream

When I was a college student, my “Big Dream” was to become a writer. I listened to all my English professors talk about the Power of the Written Word. We studied many amazing authors. We talked in class about writing “the Great American Novel.”

I was hooked!

I remember hearing how Truman Capote would copy out by hand his favorite novels, just to get a better sense of how to be a better writer. I thought, “I should do that, too.”

I was an English major, and although I was really excited to be studying the best literature from around the world, I was also really worried about how to take my English degree and make a career from it.

Where do you go to sign up for the “jobs for English majors” list? I didn’t really understand anything about how to connect my dream with my degree. I just knew I wanted to write for a living, and I really wanted to write a super successful novel. Somehow, I thought that would make me wealthy and respected. And wealthy.

So I talked to my favorite professor, and I asked him how to go about getting a job as a writer, and how to get my novel noticed. He said, “I don’t have any idea. I’ve been a teacher all my life.” When I went to other professors, they said the same thing. One told me to go to the Career Center and take a job aptitude test.

I was like, WTF? I already knew what I want to be and do, I just needed guidance on how to get there.

I quickly discovered that the people teaching me to be a great writer 1) weren’t greater writers themselves, and 2) had no idea how to become a great writer, and 3) had never helped anyone become a great writer. I couldn’t believe it … I just shook my head. This is crazy!

This Derailed Me for Nine Years!

That’s when I snapped. I felt like something was very wrong, and I started to panic. The people I thought were going to help me get my start as a novelist didn’t even know how to do it for themselves?!? How is that possible?

In the middle of this panic, I was reading through the classified ads of my campus paper, and saw an ad for a job at a nearby newspaper. I was afraid that I wouldn’t find any other job after I graduated, and I felt like college wasn’t getting my anywhere — so I … I quit school and went to work.

The job didn’t pay very much, and I wasn’t doing the kind of writing I loved, but it paid the bills and kept me from having to move back to my parent’s house.

But after a couple of years, I got really bored. So I quit the newspaper and started teaching MCAT for The Princeton Review.

I was really good at verbal reasoning / reading comprehension and could figure out the tough logic of the MCAT, so Princeton hired me to teach. Pretty soon I was training other Princeton Review teachers how to teach the MCAT, and they even had me help rewrite the verbal reasoning course.

One Big Failure After Another

I worked with students in my classes to help them raise their MCAT score … and it worked! They got much better MCATs, and I thought — like everybody else — that they now had a good chance == a much better chance! == of getting into medical school.

But — I couldn’t believe this — students with great MCATs and great GPAs were still getting rejected, but other students with not-so-great MCAT scores and lower GPAs were getting accepted.

Something Was Wrong

Something was terribly wrong — and I was determined to figure it out.

I was shocked when I realized what was happening.

My students were spending so much time preparing for the MCAT that they were neglecting the other very important parts of the medical school application process.

I started doing some research, and then began to test my ideas about what makes an admissions committee enroll one student while rejecting anther.

I asked my students, “What about your essay? What about the timing of your application? What about your experiences?” They said, “Oh my premed advisor and professors told me not to worry about it, and to just keep going.” I recognized this pattern from my college experience … someone was giving incomplete advice, and it really angered me.

I thought, “Not again!” I was determined not to let my MCAT students suffer the same derailment and discouragement in their career future that I faced in mine.

“There’s no reason why these kids can’t become doctors,” I thought. So I set out to figure out how to “beat the system” of medical school admissions.

I Learned How to Get Students Accepted

I worked with an initial group of about 30 students, and tested my medical school admissions techniques. And I’ve been compiling and documenting my methods every cycle, refining my admissions system.

For the past 18 years, I have worked with just about 7,000 students in an extensive “test” to figure out what things really will get you into medical school. I needed to figure out what to do to get students in consistently and reliably, year after year.

I applied my techniques to dozens of students — and it worked! It was very exciting! Student after student kept getting in, which helped me refine my admissions formula.

Recently, I decided that helping only a few students a year wasn’t enough. Plus, it was becoming super expensive for students and their parents to afford to hire me. I wanted to do something more, and give back what I learned to as many people as possible, as cheaply as possible.

The Medical School Admissions Blueprint Is An Online Course

That’s why I created the Medical School Admissions Blueprint. The Blueprint is a step-by-step online course. In it, I share all of the techniques that I personally use to help students get into medical school.

I am especially proud when a student who was told “you’ll never get into medical school” uses my system and then gets in. That really makes my heart soar!

Blueprint costs $147

I charge over $5,000 for one on one consulting (link), and like I said before I didn’t like the feeling of charging a bunch of money to help only afew students. I wanted to tell EVERYONE how to get into medical school.

I took everything I had learned and turned it into an online program. I created Blueprint as an online training program, to make it easy for as many students as possible — and now instead of $5,000, you can get the same techniques for only $147.

Bonus #1 — Case Studies

You may already know what “evidence-based medicine” is. Well I took that some concept and made something I call “evidence-based admissions.” In other words, it’s not enough that a few students get into medical school, this has to be something that works for the majority of students. (Of course you still have to actually follow the advice for it to work – lol!)

So I have a bunch of case studies that I’ve documented. You can get the case studies separately, but I’m going to include them in with Blueprint — free.

Bonus #2 — Admissions Planner

The medical school admissions timeline is probably the single most critical piece of the application puzzle. My students really needed a way to manage this aspect … some kind of planner that tells you what to do, and when.

I wrote that up and gave it a name — “The Medical School Admissions Planner.” Not very original, but the information is good. When you register for the Blueprint online training program, I’ll give you the download of the Planner for free.

Blueprint is the only package that I know of that has everything you need to truly prepare yourself to get into med school.

I want to you to get into med school without the pain and frustration of failure.

I want you to become a doctor so that you get the respect from your community, the reward of trust from your patients, and the joy of helping others live a healthy life.

With the Medical School Admissions Blueprint

  • You’ll know what to do at all times. No more frustrating confusion.
  • You’ll know what kind of experiences you REALLY need to get into Med School.
  • You’ll have the insider shortcuts and secrets of someone who has applied nearly 7,000 times and succeeds 300% more often than the average applicant.
  • You’ll save years of painful trial and error, avoid having your dream career crushed and stack the odds in your favor of getting into your ideal medical school.
  • This system teaches you how to present yourself and feel 10 times more confident about your chances of success.

So, there are 3 powerful components to this success-creating package:

Medical School Admissions Blueprint Component #1

The Blueprint online training program is made up of 14 separate audios, plus workbook to guide you through the entire admissions process.

  • a 14 part audio series covering every step of the admissions process
  • the Blueprint Workbook, which is a transcription of the audio guide and activities to help you understand the essential steps you’ll need to apply to med school.

This is a ‘read along’ guidebook with exercises and instructions to help you improve your chances of getting in to med school, and solving all of the major problems that you are facing right now — problems like low gpa, low mcat, not enough experiences, the wrong experiences, research, personal statement, letters of recommendation, and picking med schools to apply to


Don’t forget! You have access to my exclusive members forum so you can post your questions and get expert answers.



Pre-Med Success Kit Component #2: “PreMed Success Stories”

Students tell me this is the most inspirational part of the Blueprint Online course.

There are 9 amazing stories that show how 9 totally different PreMed students with “black marks” — horrible GPAs (and worse) — achieved what others said was a “mission impossible” to become super successful med school applicants. In fact, some of them got accepted into 8 different medical schools!

It’s the ultimate “inside expose” of what it REALLY TAKES to enter into medical school. I guarantee you that no one is telling you this stuff.

Nothing is held back… You’ll see their GPA (some as low as 2.75), their MCAT scores (some were way below average), age range (some in their 30’s), what they wrote about themselves and the advice I gave them to stack the odds in their favor. And every single one of these students became a shining success.

And once you know their secrets, you’ll know exactly how to improve your candidacy. No more guessing… no more fears and doubts. Just a clear, automated map — like a GPS! — so that you know which road to take next, even if you miss any turns along the way.

You’ll see exactly how we handled every single “black mark”. Even more enlightening is how we changed their overall profile to turn them into superstars in the eyes of the medical schools. And if you want to “get in”, you better know every single one of these tricks and techniques.

Pre-Med Success Kit Component #3: The Pre Med Admissions Planner

This is the planner that every serious pre med student needs. Without it, it’s like running in the forest blindfolded and hoping that you don’t run into a tree. It’s not pretty.

Here’s how the Pre Med Admissions Planner gives you an edge:

  • It gives you a monthly schedule that gets you a powerful quick-start from your very first day of college.
  • You’ll know exactly what you need to do at all times to make you a stronger candidate to get into med school.
  • You’ll have specific goals for each academic year – you’ll know exactly what to focus on for maximum success throughout your freshmen, sophomore, junior and senior years.
  • Discover the most powerful and effective themes that have been proven to make you rock solid as a med school candidate.
  • Discover proven nitty gritty instructions on how to journal about your experiences so that you maximize your chances of success.
  • A hot list of the most inspirational books you need to read to succeed as a premed student.
  • Learn great structure on how to develop your personal statement for maximum success with the top medical schools.

Tuition for Medical School Admissions Blueprint is $147, but because you took the time to pick up a copy of “Personal Statement Secrets”

I’ll give you a $50 “instant scholarship” so you can get it for only $97.

But you have to enroll now.

As a bonus for picking it up right now I will also invite you to an upcoming webinar where you will learn how to use the Blueprint, especially in context with the medical school admissions timeline.

The timeline really solves the common problems and questions I get from students like, “What do I do and when do I do it? What am I supposed to do first, what am I supposed to do second, and then what?”

The upcoming webinar about the medical school admissions timeline — which is a free bonus when you purchase Blueprint now — will really help you understand the big picture.

Another Bonus! There is one secret that I’ve learned regarding getting an advantage in medical school admissions. It’s more important than gpa and more important than MCAT score, and it absolutely explains why a high gpa high mcat student gets rejected, while a lower gpa lower mcat student gets accepted, year after year. I’ll share that secret with you when you enroll in the blueprint course now.

Who Shouldn’t Buy This… And Who NEEDS To Buy It … Now!

If you’re not 100% sure you want to be a doctor, then maybe you should save your money.
If you’ve already been accepted into medical school, then this is probably not for you.

However… If you KNOW you want to be a doctor, then this is truly the smartest investment you can make into your career.

If you don’t want to feel the fears and doubts about the success of your future, then you need to buy this immediately.



The most common problem I witness from students attempting this process is that they go it alone. Believe me when I tell you that the key to success in the application process is not just a high MCAT and GPA, but rather that you have honed your ability to communicate your motivation to medicine both on paper and in person.

Invest in yourself now and utilize all the help available to you. I am surrounded by friends who, like myself, are on our way to achieving our dreams not only because we were able to hurdle the MCAT and GPA criteria, but also because we seek help wherever it is available.

A program like Pre Med Success Kit will give you the edge you need to reach your dreams, and today I have been blessed by having sought out that help. Best of luck in all your endeavors, and I have no doubt in saying that your investments and hard work will pay off in the end.
– Shea Aiken
– Princeton Review MCAT Biology Instructor
– MSII UCSD School of Medicine

OK if you’ve stayed with me this long, then I know you’re really committed to getting into medical school. I am sincerely committed to the success of my students, and I firmly believe there is no other source for the information I have learned about medical school admissions.

So as a final “fast action” bonus, when you sign up for the blueprint course now, I’ll give you an additional $50 scholarship … So now blueprint is only $47.

Please, take this to heart — there’s no other tool out there that focuses so completely on your success. So, give yourself the ultimate tool for success in medical school admissions and BUY IT NOW!

If you would like to discover the right way to apply that will make you super attractive to medical schools, then click the button above to enroll in Medical School Admissions Blueprint course RIGHT NOW!


Don Osborne

Enrolling with Don’s system was a really wise choice. The system helped me to accurately assess my strengths and organize my thoughts so that I could write an effective and compelling personal statement. They gave me the guidance I needed to get through the admissions process quickly and efficiently.
In short, I highly recommend the system to any serious graduate school applicant!
— Crystal Yagoobian

I got the call today from UCLA. They accepted me! Thought you would want to know. Thanks again for all your help…

I am very glad to have met you! I could never have done it without you! My acceptance into Loma Linda University is a result of your system. Thank you so much, again!
Natasha Ballard

I just wanted to say “thank you” for all that you have done.You do such a great job of going over and beyond. I am looking forward to having a long relationship with you.Thanks Again!
— Sheryl Mauricio

Thank you so much for your help and support this year! It has been a memorable and productive one! I had never imagined that it would turn out so well and I am very thankful. I will definitely recommend your system, especially to people like me, without a pre-med advisor. I was accepted to UC Irvine, Northwestern, Georgetown, Drexel, Medical College of Wisconsin, and Albert Einstein College of Medicine!
— Salina Lee

I just wanted to send a little note and a little gift to express my (and my parents) appreciation. As you know, the med school application process is very daunting and nerve-racking. Sometimes I really think it is a test of wills! I can not express to you how much your help and support meant to me.
Thank you again.

Don’s process has made a tremendous difference in my experience of the medical school application process. Having someone who was very familiar with every aspect and political pitfall gave me invaluable support, both tangible and psychological.

Don gave me an overview and blueprint for how to navigate through the potentially overwhelming task of applying to numerous schools. The deadlines he provided helped me to pace myself so that I was able to turn applications around in a very timely manner.

I ended up getting 14 interviews and 4 acceptances. That outcome highly exceeded my expectations and I feel I owe a large part of that success to Don.

Applying to medical school these days is tedious and overwhelming. The enormous amount of highly qualified students battling for a finite amount of spots makes even the slightest edge important to your success. In January of last year, I felt pretty confident that I knew the ropes of applying to medical school.

I was more worried about my MCAT and GPA which were not as competitive as I had hoped for. I shudder to think where I would be now without your system’s guidance and insight …. From your instruction I not only learned how important timing is, but how to prepare months in advance to actually meet the deadlines.

Their techniques helped me create a unique and compelling application‚ a far cry from what I would have produced on my own. I think admissions committees were impressed! I received interviews at Tulane, New York Med and St. Louis . . . All before September.
William D. Krauss (UCSD)

I have been getting interviews from places that I did not think I would. I can not believe that with an MCAT score of 25 I have already been accepted to two places. Don’s process helped me a lot through this hectic process — and the one most helpful aspect was the essay.

Most importantly, the proven process gave me peace of mind and the notion that I am doing my best to get into a medical school. Even if I had an MCAT score of 40, I would still have used Don’s system. A little investment goes a long way with Don. I have a future ahead of me.

One of the keys to medical school admission is applying early, and Don’s protocol keeps you on a strict schedule of when to have certain aspects of your application completed by. There are so many questions and concerns when applying to medical school, but Don’s team always has the answer to any questions you may have.
Amir Aljilani

Don’s system undoubtedly helped me to find a truly unique voice that was engaging, relevant and most importantly, my own. I highly recommend the Pre Med Success Kit as it helped to transform my average numbers and experiences into a highly competitive and memorable package. Thanks again!
Jonathan H.


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