“I haven’t received my medical school secondary yet, what’s going on?”

I got a panicked email from a premed about his medical school secondary the other day and I thought I’d share the outcome of that situation with you.

He asked me: “I submitted my AMCAS application two weeks ago and I haven’t yet received my secondaries. Is that normal? Should I be worried, and is there anything I can do about to speed the process up?”

There are a few things that could be delaying secondaries.. Medical schools won’t send you the secondary until your primary application is 100% complete.

Here’s what a 100% complete application looks like:

  • AMCAS completely and correctly filled out
  • Transcripts received by each school
  • Letters of recommendation received by each school

An incomplete primary application is the #1 reason for delayed secondaries. If your application is missing any of those requirements, you’re holding up the process, so if you haven’t completed all three steps, hurry up and get that done asap.

Another possibility for delayed secondaries: Public schools are slow. If you applied to many different public medical schools, it’s possible that their systems are backed up with tons of applications and they’re taking a long time to work through it all. If that’s the case, just be patient.

It turns out that the premed who contacted me had not submitted all of their letters of recommendation, and that was delaying his receipt of secondaries. As soon as medical schools got his letters, he began receiving secondaries and had each essay written well within 5 days of receiving the application.

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