Your Personal Statement Is a Small Part of the Bigger Picture of Medical School Admissions

Here at PersonalStatementSecrets, I talk a lot about how to write an incredible personal statement that makes you stand out as a medical school candidate. However, your personal statement is only one piece of the medical school admissions puzzle! There is plenty more you need to focus on if you want to get accepted to a top medical school.

Medical school admissions committees will weight a lot of information to make their decision — your GPA, MCAT scores, volunteer experiences, letters of recommendation, and especially your reasons for becoming a doctor. Even if your personal statement is beautifully written, you still need to be well-rounded in all of these areas to ensure that you get accepted.

What are medical schools really looking for?

The problem is, how do you become well-rounded? Said another way, what are medical schools looking for in their most-qualified candidates?

The answer to this question obviously varies widely from student to student. If you have great volunteering, but not leadership, then you would want to work on that. If you have lots of patient contact, but your GPA has suffered, then you are showing medical schools that you have a time management problem.

A medical school self-assessment to figure out your chances of acceptance

This is why I created my medical school admissions self-assessment over at my website The assessment, which I call “What Are My Chances?” helps you figure out where to put in that extra effort and how to zone in on your weaknesses and improve them.

How does it work? The assessment calculates your actual chances of getting into your dream medical school through nine key attributes. It even tells you what you’re missing on your application and goes further by describing your strengths and weaknesses as a candidate. The program itself also comes with a 20-video course to make sure you’re on the right track. Sign up for the medical school admissions assessment today.

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