Medical School Secondary Application – The Other Admissions Essays

The medical school personal statement is the first big admissions essay that you have to write for your primary application, but right when you’re done with the personal statement medical schools send the next round of essays: the secondary application.

The medical school secondary application is a group of several short to medium-length essays that ask you for more detail about your experiences, your motivation to medicine and more. It’s another way that medical schools evaluate you, so take the secondary seriously. Better secondary essays make you a more competitive applicant.

Common Secondary Prompts

  • Why this School?
  • Tell us more about yourself
  • Describe a difficult moral or ethical position that you have encountered
  • How to write your medical school secondaries
  • Describe a challenging situation that you have had to overcome

How to Write Strong Med School Secondaries

The biggest challenge with the secondary application is the sheer number of essays that medical schools assign to you. Each med school could send you up to five different essay prompts, so you could be facing dozens of essays to write in very short period of time.

Which secondary essays should you start? How should you prioritize? “Which medical school secondary applications to start with” tells you the best way to prioritize your secondaries.

What kind of secondary essays are persuasive? What will win medical schools over? This article at shows you how to write the kind of secondaries that will get you noticed.

The secondary application might seem like a big writing project, but once you know the 10 “master secondary prompts” it’s easy to quickly submit strong secondaries.

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