Our Medical School Personal Statement Examples

One of our free personal statement samples

This is one of the sample medical school personal statements that we are giving away.

You can get 8 free medical school personal statement examples just like this one by filling out the form at the end of this post.

“These Medical School Personal Statement Examples were written by real students who were admitted to medical school”

Most medical school personal statement samples available online just aren’t very helpful.

They don’t give you a whole of of information about the writer (Was it written by a real student? Did they get into medical school?), and don’t point out anything specific about the personal statement that you can apply to your own medical school personal statement.

Our personal statement examples tell you which school the student came from and which medical schools they were admitted to.

On top of that, each essay includes annotations to show you what template the student followed to make their personal statement outstanding. Check all 8 of them out for free!

Get your 8 free example personal statements by filling out the form below:

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