MCAT Prep: A New Affordable Option You Should Consider

The MCAT is an essential piece of the admissions puzzle. If you don’t take the MCAT, there’s no way you’re going to med school. If you take the MCAT, but your score is low, you’re not going to med school.

Everyone knows that you need to prepare for the MCAT, and you’ll be studying and reviewing bio, g chem, ochem and physics for at least three months before you take it.

The problem is that there’s only a couple ways to prepare for the MCAT — you can buy a book and study on your own, you can hire a tutor, or you can take a prep class. Studying on your own requires a lot of self discipline; hiring a tutor or taking a prep class will cost thousands of dollars, unless you are opting for affordable programs about which you can find out on myTEFL reviews. These programs will not blow a hole in your pockets and shall cater to your preparation needs.

And this is what’s always bothered me — there are a lot of students who could really benefit from an MCAT prep class of some kind, but just can’t afford to spend the money.

The cost of MCAT prep is so high that many premeds give up on their dream to go to med school simply because they can’t afford to sign up for a prep class. That’s sad, and it’s everyone’s loss.

Anyone who has the smarts and the motivation to become a doctor should become a doctor, even if they can’t afford to pay their way to a higher MCAT score.

OK, rant over.

My Affordable MCAT Prep Option
Now you know what the problem is. What you don’t know, yet, is that I’ve created a solution to this problem that I’m pretty sure will be game changing for every premed out there. It’s the first time you’ll be able to take part in a truly viable and affordable alternative to expensive MCAT prep.

It’s an online club for premeds called The MCAT Club, and it’s going to give you access to:

  • More than 350 hours of online MCAT videos covering Biology, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Physics
  • Direct contact with MCAT experts and admissions expert:
    • Jason Dinsmore of
    • Norm Issa — Neurology resident and owner of
    • Me — Don Osborne — test-taking strategist and admissions expert
  • Regular special guests
  • Weekly calls with the experts
  • Verbal reasoning help: Sign up and get “30 MCAT Verbal Reasoning Passages” as a free bonus

Membership in The MCAT Club is very affordable, and if you join today you can come to the next club meeting. Learn more about The MCAT Club.

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