Overcome the Hardest Part: Writing the Medical School Personal Statement

The medical school personal statement is the hardest breed of essay because it asks you to get up close and personal with yourself — more personal than any essay you’ve ever written.

Most essays ask you to analyze a subject in the abstract, but the medical school personal statement is all about you, and your passion for medicine. You have to write about your motivation for medicine and your larger purpose in life, and you may not have ever looked so closely at yourself before.

Discovering your motivation to medicine is a challenging and emotional process that requires you to dig down deep and ask huge questions like – “Why am I here? What’s my purpose in life and how will medicine fulfill that purpose?”

The other medical school personal statement challenge: To uncover your motivation to medicine, you have to imagine yourself as a 70 year old doctor ready to retire. Looking back, what did you accomplish? What about medicine was fulfilling, and how did you contribute to the community?

A stockpile of medical school personal statement resources to help you discover your motivation to medicine

My personal statement writing strategies have helped thousands of premeds write powerful personal statements, and I’m confident you can do it too — even if you don’t think you’re a strong writer.

First you have to discover your motivation to medicine, then you have to write it down in one concise essay. It’s a challenge, but you don’t have to go it alone. I’ve written a ton of useful blogposts and articles that will help you to discover your motivation and write a great personal statement: The medical school personal statement at INQUARTA.com.

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