GPA For Medical Schools: It’s Not What You Think

Do you know your GPA for medical school? It’s important to know your actual GPA for medical school because it affects where and when you apply to med school. If you calculate the wrong GPA, you might apply to the wrong school at the wrong time! That will decrease your chances of acceptance.

I’ve seen it before: Premeds don’t know how to calculate the various GPA’s used by medical schools so they have no idea whether their GPA is average, low, or high. When you don’t know your real GPA, you don’t know where to apply. It’s an easy mistake to make, but it’s an even easier mistake to avoid.

How to Calculate Your GPA For Medical School
It’s not very hard to calculate your medical school GPA when you know the subset of college courses that medical schools use in their calculations.

You’ll need to know how medical schools calculate:

  • Science GPA (BCPM)
  • All-Other GPA (AO)
  • Total GPA (All courses combined)

Once you know how to separate your courses and grades into subsets, calculating your GPA becomes a simple equation you can do on pen & paper (or a spreadsheet) .

Understanding how medical schools distinguish different types of courses is the hardest part of calculating your GPA, so head over to this in-depth article on how to calculate your GPA for medical school at You’ll learn everything you need to know about your medical school GPA.

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