Future goals or past accomplishments in your personal statement?

There’s a classic dilemma bouncing around inside the head of every personal statement writer: Should the focus of my essay be my past accomplishments, or my future goals.

Most writers end up choosing to fill their personal statements with their past accomplishments because the thought is: “My future hasn’t happened yet, I don’t know what is to come, so how can I honestly tell an admissions committee what I’m going to do? My pie-in-the-sky dreams won’t impress them but my past will.”

WRONG! Medical schools want to see what you will do for them and for the discipline in the future. Your past is important, but only as a way to demonstrate how you will make your specific and actionable goals for the future happen.

Head over to “Personal Statements: Don’t Live in the Past” at INQUARTA.com for more on this classic personal statement balancing act.

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