Fixing a Low MCAT Score

low-mcatWriting your personal statement will be much easier for you if you have a strong MCAT score to back you up. Here’s a story about a student of mine who didn’t have a strong score to attach to his medical school application, and how him and I worked through his issues together.

A Discouraged Premed — And How He Turned His MCAT Score Around
Back in 2010 I was working with a student who needed some help figuring out how to navigate the admissions process.

After a few minutes of conversation, we got to the bottom of his problem: He wasn’t sure if his chances of acceptance were very high because he couldn’t get his practice MCAT scores any higher than 26.

His GPA was competitive and he had a good amount of shadowing experience, but a low MCAT score would really drag his application down and ruin his chances for acceptance.

When “Normal” MCAT Prep Fails
He had already bought and completed a few prep books, but that’s all his budget would allow. I could see that he had some fundamental test-taking and test-strategy issues that he would need to work out with a live instructor or coach, but he just couldn’t afford the $2,000 all of the MCAT prep courses and coaches were charging.

He was ready to give up. He was even starting to ask me if I had any other suggestions for different medical careers — even a new career entirely.

I could see that he had the aptitude and drive that a person needs to be a great doctor, so I decided to work with him on some of his test-taking problems with the hope that he could go on to earn a good score.

This premed was not the first, nor was he the last, premed I’ve worked with who couldn’t afford the test prep they needed to get accepted to med school.

Alternative MCAT Prep Options
But this particular student motivated me to start working on an online solution that would be a super affordable way for premeds to get direct access to the kind of MCAT prep that really makes your score move in the right direction.

Read more about my online MCAT solutions to pick up some prep tips that give you an alternative and affordable viewpoint on test prep.

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